Dear Guests,

Welcome to Benjamin B. French Lodge’s web site. We have established this site to share our Lodge with fellow Freemasons as well as those interested in Masonry. The site contains useful information for our Lodge members and others interested in Freemasonry.

Picture a warm, comfortable, yet sophisticated traditional club in the British style and you will have captured the atmosphere of our Lodge. We emphasize fraternal fellowship with "clubbable" professionals in such fields as finance, IT, consulting, diplomacy, law, engineering, and medicine. Our Lodge has a distinctly international flair, with members originating from many countries. Age varies from freshly-minted college graduates to seasoned professionals, with the center of gravity tending increasingly toward those in mid-career. With a substantial endowment, our Lodge has a rich and diverse program of social, intellectual, and charitable activities certain to appeal to those with a variety of interests. We meet in the  Heart of Georgetown  (our building is near Wisconsin and M) every other Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Dinner will be served (gratis) at 6:30 PM; parking validated. Newcomers most welcome. If you would like to attend one of our open meetings and check us out please use this form.

We are planning many activities of interest to our members as well as Freemasons in general. Here are some highlights: 

  • A Focused Seminar Series – Presentations offered by experts to educate us all on the most important trends and ideas that are shaping the Social, Economic, and Political World Order.

  • Preparation and Presentation of Papers – Paper presentations by candidates and new Brethren addressing various esoteric and symbolic aspects of our Art.

  • Outreach – In keeping with our vision, the Lodge will engage in some activities aimed at reaching out to key constituencies in the Washington, DC area namely: The Arts, Government and Public Policy, Media, and Academia

  • Charity – We are sponsoring numerous charity events supporting local and international causes. We’ve committed to continue our support of the Project Life Orphans Program and National Institutes of Health Children’s Cancer Ward.

  • Annual Masonic Week Debate – Benjamin B. French hosts a debate during the Annual Masonic Week.

We do not solicit new members for our Lodge. Any individual interested in membership must take the first step and express interest. Nor is acceptance automatic. Applicants must line up two sponsors and will be screened by a committee of three, following which a vote will be taken by members of the Lodge in closed session—with each member having the right to cast a veto (literally, a "black ball" procedure). Successful applicants will be warmly welcomed and promptly initiated, following which they will immediately be entitled to participate in most Lodge activities. They will be assigned a mentor who will help guide them through the remaining steps—including literally being "given the third degree"—requisite for full Lodge membership.


Brethren Area

Brethren Area